Currently Unnamed
Full Name
Most likely Mordred Pendragon, Mordred Le Fey/Fay or simply Mordred (whether Morgan chose another name for herself after being stripped of the Pendragon name is unknown. Also unknown is whether she would choose to give her child her own name or it's father's name.)
Portrayed by
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Not yet born
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Most likely Castle Pendragon
initially Morgan Pendragon, later unknown
Morgan Pendragon - Mother/Possible Aunt
Arthur Pendragon - Possible Father/Uncle
Merlin - Possible Father
Igraine - Possible Grandmother/Step-Grandmother
Uther - Grandfather
Morgan's Mother - Grandmother

Unborn Pendragon is the child of Morgan Pendragon and either her half-brother Arthur Pendragon or the sorcerer Merlin.

Season 1Edit

'Unborn Pendragon' is the child that Morgan Pendragon is carrying by the end of Season 1.

The implication is that the child was conceived through an act of incest between Morgan and her younger half-brother Arthur. Arthur, was unaware that it was Morgan that he was with as she had disguised herself by taking the form of Guinevere so as to fool him. Morgan, guided by Sibyl and haunted by the words of the Lady Igraine, intended to conceive a son by Arthur so that her son her would inherit the throne that she could not. If the child is indeed Arthur's, as per Morgan's intentions, then it is the currently the only heir to the throne. However, how Morgan intends to claim the throne through her child, without revealing the nature of the child's conception, is unclear.

However, less than a week prior to her attempt to conceive a son with Arthur, Morgan (this time having taken the form of her step-mother, the Lady Igraine) spent the night with the sorcerer Merlin. Thus it is also possible that Morgan had already conceived a child with Merlin when she went to Arthur's bedchamber. If the child is Merlin's then it has no claim to the throne due to Morgan having been stripped of her name and therefore no longer being considered a member of the Pendragon line and thus having no claim to the throne herself.

It's grandparents are Uther Pendragon, Igraine Pendragon (depending on the paternity of the child Igraine is at least it's step-grandmother and possibly also it's biological grandmother) and Morgan's Mother.