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01 Homecoming-01x01-SS1.jpg Homecoming February 25, 2011
Morgan is talking to her father, King Uther Pendragon. She offers him forgiveness for cheating on her mother and for sending her away for 15 years. Uther dismisses Morgan and says he no longer has a daughter. Morgan swears he will pay. Morgan kills her father and promptly banishes his wife, Igraine. She invites her father's most powerful enemy, King Lot, to Castle Pendragon to formalise an alliance in the process.

Merlin, Uther's most trusted adviser, finds a young man named Arthur, who has no direction in life. He tells Arthur that he is of royal blood and is the new king. Arthur has trouble believing this but his adoptive parents tell him it is the truth. Merlin asks him to go with him and find his destiny, and Arthur agrees to find out answers about his past. Merlin, Arthur and Kay, his adoptive brother, travel to the abandoned fortress of Camelot — the future site of Arthur's leadership.

02 The Sword and the Crown-01x02-SS1.jpg The Sword and the Crown April 1, 2011
Arthur meets Guinevere, the woman of his dreams. Morgan and King Lot conspire to attack Camelot and take the throne. King Lot fatally wounds Arthur's legitimate father, Sir Ector, but the dying man gets his revenge by stabbing Lot to death before dying. Merlin has Arthur reclaim the legacy sword in the stone, known as the sword of Mars, to prove his worthiness as king. Merlin uses Arthur's success as propaganda to inspire loyalty to Arthur.
03 Guinevere-01x03-SS1.jpg Guinevere April 8, 2011
Guinevere's home is ransacked and her family flees to Camelot to be protected by her husband-to-be, Leontes. Kay and Leontes seek out a trusted new warrior to join them. Arthur and Merlin accept an invitation to join Morgan at her castle for dinner. Arthur meets up with Guinevere and they struggle with their relationship as she readies for her marriage to Leontes. Arthur has sex with Guinevere on the morning of her wedding to Leontes. Merlin suspects Arthur's infatuation with Guinevere. Arthur is forced to concede defeat in his pursuit of Guinevere.
04 Camelot-1.04-4.jpg Lady of the Lake April 15, 2011
Merlin sets off on a journey to find a sword suitable for a king by seeking out a legendary sword-maker, Caliburn. After the sword is crafted, Merlin accidentally kills the sword-maker. His daughter, Excalibur, runs and rows out to the middle of a lake into which she plans to throw the sword as revenge. Merlin casts a spell causing the surface of the water to freeze and walks out to her. Losing her balance, Excalibur falls into the lake and drowns as the ice forms above her. In an attempt to save herself, she uses the sword to punch a small hole through the ice. Merlin takes the sword from her hand, but is unable to break through the ice layer to save her. Merlin lies to Arthur about how he obtained the sword, which he names Excalibur in honour of the sword-maker's daughter. A conversation with Gawain changes Arthur and he begins to assert his power by sparring with Leontes.
05 105 Tribunals.PNG Justice April 29, 2011
Arthur intervenes in a execution, convinced that the killer may have had an honourable motive. Arthur tries to establish the rule of law and begins a trial. Morgan is attepting to cultivate political favour by promoting herself as a champion of justice while Sybil makes use a local mercenary to help her cause.
06 106 Camelot's library.PNG Three Journeys May 6, 2011
This episode interweaves three stories: Guinevere's journey to dying father accompanied by Arthur, Kay's journey (at the bequest of Merlin) to his deceased father's home to retrieve his library, and a woman who comes to Morgan for justice claiming that the Sybil caused the death of her daughter as result of deliberately setting fire to the convent. Morgan finally decides to punish Sybil for her negligence by burning her hand.
07 107 imposter Igraine at Camelot.PNG The Long Night May 13, 2011
Morgan invites Arthur and his regiment of soldiers over for an evening's entertainment. During this time, she sets up a series of intrigues and hoaxes which include a faked attack on the castle, which many believe is by a former rival of Uther. At the end of the episode, Morgan has shape-shifted to look like Igraine and rides back to Camelot with Arthur in Igraine's form. Meanwhile Igraine is manacled in a dungeon.
08 88.jpg Igraine May 20, 2011
Igraine is held prisoner at Castle Pendragon, while Morgan, magically disguised as Igraine, roams the halls of Camelot, plotting intrigue. As Igraine, she reveals to Leontes that Arthur had a tryst with Guinevere on their wedding day. At Camelot she is also approached by an orphan Redwald, who clearly knows and loves Igraine. The spell is taking a toll on Morgan and Redwald sees her face change briefly. Trying to stop him getting Merlin, Morgan accidentally causes him to fall off a wall and die. The next day Merlin ses his clothes are ripped and realises someone knows what happened. Morgan and Merlin gets intimate. The real Igraine eventually escapes Morgan's castle after killing a guard who have sex with her in exchange for a release, and travels back to Camelot only to run into Morgan, still in Igraine's form.
09 109 Harwel's men at the pass.PNG The Battle of Bardon Pass May 27, 2011

Morgan convinces Igraine that she is just hallucinating and escapes Camelot now in her own form. When Merlin and Igraine confront Morgan at her castle about this, she and her followers arrest them. She then anonymously stages a raid at Bardon Pass, wanting to draw Arthur out so that he can be killed. After positioning herself to become acknowledged as the better ruler of Camelot through the people, she proceeds to travel to Camelot with her new prisoners, Merlin and Igraine. Leontes confronts Guinevere about her relationship to Arthur. During the battle, Kay is shot by an arrow, becoming in desperate need of medical attention. Arthur and his friends realize that the only way that they will succeed is if one of them stays behind. Arthur volunteers and his friends depart the battle grounds. He prepares for a full out battle to the death with Morgan's army.

10 110 Arthur taking back what's his.PNG Reckoning June 3, 2011
Morgan's plan to overthrow Arthur is exposed. Leontes dies protecting Arthur at Bardon Pass, and tells him to treasure Guinevere. Morgan claims Arthur has died, after which Sybil says she should be Queen, and the people agree. Morgan stabs Igraine fatally, and Igraine reveals that she sent Morgan away as Uther wanted to kill her. Arthur returns at her coronation and brings out one of her men, who testifies that she was behind it. However, Sybil takes blame for Morgan's treasonous schemes, claiming she planned everything and Morgan knew nothing about it. Igraine dies in a tearful Merlin's arms. Sybil is executed, and while the public accepts this story, Arthur is not deceived. Arthur strips Morgan of the name and banner of Pendragon and says her castle is no longer protected. Morgan visits Sybil's grave and, upon hearing a voice telling her to bear a child, disguises herself as Guinevere and has sex with Arthur.


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