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Season 1, Episode 3
Air date April 8, 2011
Written by Chris Chibnall
Louise Fox
Directed by Jeremy Podeswa
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Guinevere is the 3rd episode of Camelot Season 1, and the 3rd episode overall.


Guinevere's home is attacked by bandits just before her wedding. Her family flees to Camelot to be protected by her husband-to-be, Leontes. King Arthur graciously extends his hospitality despite Merlin's disapproval. After finding out about the wedding plans, Merlin insists that it should be held there.

Vivian, Morgan's maid, brings King Arthur an invitation from his sister to visit his father's castle, where a feast is being prepared in his honour. King Arthur accepts, and Merlin accompanies him on the journey.

Kay and Leontes seek out a trusted veteran warrior to join them, hoping to boost their morale. After dinner, Morgan visits King Arthur in his bedchambers. They talked while Morgan takes an opportunity to make a small nick on Arthur's chest with her ring, drawing blood.

While drinking with Morgan, Merlin is unsteady on his feet and falls. Grabbing on to Morgan, he sees flashes of images and realises that she killed her father. Finding out too late that the wine was spiked, Merlin loses consciousness.

Back at Camelot, King Arthur enters Guinevere's bedchamber and requests to meet her by the beach.

Merlin wakes up and finds his both hands restrained to the bedpost, with Morgan clipping his toenails. He goads Morgan into a display of her powers, and advises her against delving into the dark arts as the price will be too high.

King Arthur meets up with Guinevere and they struggle with their relationship before sharing a moment of passion. As they head back to the castle so that Guinevere can ready herself for her marriage, she worries about concealing the truth from Leontes. Coming across a hunted animal, she collects its blood.

Leontes asks King Arthur to preside over his wedding. During the wedding ceremony, Morgan is conducting a ritual using Arthur's blood and it allows her to see through his eyes.

Consummating their marriage, Guinevere gets away with using the animal's blood she had collected earlier to fake her virginity.

Memorable Quotes[]

Igraine: "Do you love him?"
Guinevere: "I'm not sure I even know what that word means."
Igraine: "That's all right. I was the same. But, you know, with a little luck, in time, you might fall in love with him. And if you don't, before you know it,he'll give you children, and then you'll love them."
―Conversation between Igraine and Guinevere about her marriage to Leontes

"The wounded deer jumps highest, strives the hardest."
―Merlin to Morgan while recalling Uther's stag hunt

Morgan: "I'm not the one tied up here, am I?"
Merlin: "You think I can't free myself?"
Morgan: "Then do it."
Merlin: "Oh, no, no, no, no. I don't perform tricks."
Morgan: "Because you can't."
Merlin: "Because I'm strong enough to choose not to."
―Morgan and Merlin on the subject of sorcery

Gawain: "You're very good. Who taught you?"
Kay: "My father. What about you?"
Gawain: "Teaching myself."
Kay: "That's quite a task. So why bother?"
Gawain: "To be better."
―Gawain and Kay on the subject of literacy


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